December 19, 2014 - Nifty Outlook For Monday 22-12-14

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  • Nifty needs to sustain above 8200 to remain bullish on Monday.

  • Bank Nifty needs to sustain above 18400 to remain bullish.
  • Market Breadth is suggesting some pause.
  •  All three popular trend following trading systems i am tracking are bearish on Nifty now.
  • Nifty is in intermediate down trend.
  • Bank Nifty is in intermediate down trend.
  • CNX IT is in down trend.
  • Junior Nifty is in intermediate down trend.
  • American Dow Jones Industrial Avg. is in down trend.
  • Shanghai Composite Index is in up trend.
  • German Dax Composite Index is in up trend.
  • Hong Kong Heng Seng Index is in down trend.
  • Gold is in up trend.
  • Silver is in down trend.
  • Crude Oil is in down trend.
  • $/INR is in Up trend trend.

Thank You

Nishant Kalaskar.

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